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Imported oil costs the U.S. economy $400 billion per year, and indirectly enriches people sworn to destroy our way of life.   Click here for more info from *** The Freedom Formula Foundation ***

We CAN stop these imports - we HAVE the technology:

    • The U.S. has added $3 TRILLION to it's trade imbalance to purchase foreign oil since 1970
    • The U.S. currently supplies 40% of its own oil from domestic sources
    • Less than 3% of U.S. Electric Power is generated from petroleum-based fuels, but when petroleum IS used the power plant can deliver FOUR TIMES MORE ENERGY PER GALLON to you, for use in an Electric Vehicle (EV).
    • Most Electric Power generating capacity goes UNUSED at night and Utilities would welcome the increased load that EVs would provide
    • The average daily commute of 28 miles uses 25% of daily U.S. fuel consumption
    • The electric equivalent of 1 gallon of gas is about 10 kilowatt-hours
    • At nighttime "off-peak" rates 10 kilowatt-hours costs about 70 cents 
    • Batteries are expensive but limited to only enough batteries for 28 miles the cost is under $1,000
    • Western culture is in a war for its survival but is paying for both sides!